Friday, June 26, 2009

Bernhard proudly presents...

... his new toy: the Tahé Greenland kayak.

Lucky Bernard, do I notice just a tiny little bit of envy, Hans? ;-)
One more good reason for to visit my kayak-friends in Cologne soon. Looking forward to play together with the new toy - I'll bring along my own toy!
Pictures kindly supplied by Bernhard Hillejan


Mike J said...

I just tried one of these today here in Victoria BC. I love it. It is a dream to roll and quite comfortable for a Greenland style boat. I think I am going to get one!

Hans Heupink said...

Hi Mike!
Lucky one. The Tahe-Greenland-fan-club is getting bigger every day ;-)
Kind regards,

pyve said...

hi i got mine too and i m a fan ;)
just a question don' t you think that the movie we did with my friend on youtube help the little buzz around this beautifull boat ?french someone told me not so i would like too have foreign opinions
kind regards
pierre-yves (french kayaker)