Sunday, August 23, 2009

Father and son

Originally today the yearly "Grootwatertocht/seakayak-clinic" of kayakclub Wyrda was scheduled. Partly because it's still holiday-period, partly because there is only a limited number of seakayak-enthusiasts in the local kayakclub, we ended up with no more than 4 participants: Guus, Paul, Jelle (my son) and I.
Jelle only paddles a few times a year - there are too many other appealing activities for a 15 year-old boy... - it was a pleasure to do so today. Amazing to see him grow. The little kid of only a few years ago now easily picks up with frequent (adult) paddlers. Sprinting side to side he was faster than I was. Does this tells more about me than about him?

A musical intermezzo - a sentimental journey on this father and son issue;-)

Cat Steven (Yusuf Islam) - Father and son - Tea for the Tillerman, 1970

Statistics of today's trip:
Voordelta: Springersdiep - Platen bij Renesse vv
19 km, ZO later Z 4 Bft, golfhoogte 30 cm
Pictures taken by Paul L - thx Paul!


Anonymous said...

Hi Hans - It is great that Jelle has taken to kayaking with ease. With him "sprinting side to side" just shows the natural cycle of things to come. When did you introduce your son to kayaking? I ask because my son is quickly approaching his first birthday. And I am looking forward to taking him out on the water with my Dad...

Hans Heupink said...

Hi Jeff,
Congratulations with the first birthday of your son! You sure have a great time to look forward to.
I paddled with Jelle sitting in the cockpit of my kayak as he was 1,5 year old. Until the age of 4-5 I took the kids with me on the water in a Canoe. Jelle got his own kids-kayak at the age of 6. He "paddled" and played with it, good fun, but it took quit a long time before he could really develop some kayak-skills and endurance. Until he was 11 he was simply to small, physically not strong enough and the whole body-boat-blade-coordination-thing was also too complicated for a young kid.
Starting at 11 things changed really fast (not only with kayaking ;-)