Sunday, August 09, 2009

Who is this i....?!

Telegraaf - August, 7th. 2009

This is the kind of attention in the press (Telegraaf - one of Netherland's most read daily papers) for the magnificent sport of seakayaking I am not too fond of...

Translated - summary:

A lot of work because of an “unteachable” kayaker

DEN HELDER – Since a few days a (50-year-old) man in a kayak provides the Dutch lifeboat organization (KNRM) a lot of work around the Frisian Isles.

According to a spokesman for the KNRM Tuesday the kayaker was reported for the first time between Den Helder and Texel. The lifeboat was unable to contact the man because, as it turned out, his portable radio was not working. The man finally managed to reach the Wadden-isle of Texel, where he was urgently advised by the lifeboat-crew not to head out at sea (all alone, without appropriate gear). Wednesday the same person had to picked out of the water between the isles of Terschelling and Vlieland because he was having problems again, been taken away by a strong tidal current. Astonishing: despite a second admonishing speech, the man was again spotted at open sea on Thursday, obviously paddling to Harlingen this time….

Who is this guy?

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Anonymous said...

Oh young boys! When you`ll turn 50, seeing your life has almost past away between your fingers, your kids don`t appreciate you enough (you think), same shit at work year after year, you will soon start to understand this man...