Friday, September 04, 2009

Countdown for Vlieland

2 more nights... Sunday the NKB Seakayakweek starts. With 50 people participating the seakayakweek is more intimate than last years' version (over 70 participants in 2008). More people were interested but the number of available coaches is limited this time. Despite being a smaller happening - the organisation wasn't less complicated. Well, now it's done, the Vlielandweek can start...

I have been packing most of my gear today, because I am on the road tomorrow. Saturday-evening I will post an message on this weblog with latest information for the about the crossing from Harlingen to Vlieland. (Most participants do the crossing by ferry, a limited number of advanced paddlers (about 20 miles, 4 hours paddling) by kayak (when the weather is fine...).

The weather-forecast for Sunday looks OK, but there are no guarantees (at this very moment there is a warning issued for Harlingen W 8 Bft, Saturday in the morning the predicted wind is still W-NW 6-7 Bft, but in the afternoon the wind is said to be decreasing rapidly...), so please check up tomorrow for the final update!

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