Sunday, September 13, 2009

NKB Vlielandkamp 2009 - day by day

Despite good intentions, I didn't manage to write daily "life-reports" of the NKB-Vlielandkamp on the kayak-blog. Too busy: being in charge for the overall-organisation of the week in combination with being "last-minute stand-in" for an injured sea-kayak-instructor, there was little time left to rest (and to blog)... Beside this the netbook crashed during the week ;-) No complaints: it was a very rewarding job - I enjoyed every moment of the week.

Vlieland 2009: 45 participants, 2 ZV-groups, 2 ZVE-groups, 1 Tourgroup. The weather was excellent: warm, sunny with a moderate wind. For the first time since many years al tests could be done.

A brief impression with "a picture of the day":

Sunday, September 6 th. W 4-5 Bft.
The crossing from Harlingen to Vlieland was a bit weary: headwind over 30 km's.
Monday, September 7th. SW 4-5 Bft.
Monday the last visitors of the Into the Great Wide Open-Festival left the isle of Vlieland. After a restless night, silence returned. The kayakers had the campsite for themselves again.
Tuesday, September 8th. SW 4-5 Bft.
Circumnavigating the sandbank "de Richel" with the Zeevaardigheids(=Sea-Proficiency/BCU 3 star-sea)-group. During a break on the water the telephone rang and the coastguard was on the line - every single movement in the Waddensea-region is monitored.
Wednesday, September 9th. N 4-5
On special request the patrol vessel RV 180 of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (Military force guarding national boarders) creates waves for the kayakers.
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Thursday, September 10th. N-NO 4-5 Bft.
Perfect conditions for surf-training in the second part of the week.
Friday, September 11th. N 4-5 Bft.
Kitchen work: under the inspiring leadership of star-cook Hans vd W. a dish for the çlosing party is prepared.
Saturday, September, 12th. N4-5, later 3-4 Bft.
Ready for returning home: 21 kayakers paddled back to Harlingen, this time with a following wind. A week ago the crossing took 5 hours, now they did it in 3,5 hours.

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Tony said...

I had to check my "Grotte Autokaart" to see what the distance was. Looks to be about 30 kms. Nice crossing!