Friday, September 04, 2009

A Scandinavian cousin for the Anas Acuta

British Anas Acuta (from Valley Sea Kayaks) on Terschelling

Björn Thomassen (Swedish designer of the fantastic Black Pearl) has designed a modern "Illorsuit" inspired seakayak for the Norwegian kayak-builder Seabird-Designs. The greenland-kayak built in 1959 by Emmanuelle Korniliussen in Illorsuit for British kayaker and geologist Kenneth Taylor was the base of the classic Anas Acuta kayak, still produced by Valley Seakayaks.

Björn takes the Illorsuit design to a higher level: still based upon the traditional Greenland design with the beauty and harmony of the traditional lines, but with a modern hull shape and hydrodynamics, using the latest knowledge of 21th. century-kayak design.

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