Friday, January 15, 2010

Skating on "natuurijs: "Het was machtig mooi werk..."

This afternoon the melt-down began. Ice-skating is over for a while: temperature is rising, ice is getting soft. This morning Alex and I didn't want to lose a single moment so we rushed to Loosdrecht to get the last opportunity to skate on natural ice. The quality of the ice wasn't great: the soft surface and lot's of cracks and scratches made skating a hard and also risky job. But to speak with the unfortunate Erben (check the end of the video): "it was awesome..."

We skated the track 5 times: 35,8 km.

A word of thanks to the volunteers of the IJsclub de Vijfde Plas, who worked hard to facilitate the skating this week.
This morning was really the last chance to skate on the Loosdrechtse Plassen: the ice-track is closed since this evening, there are no more skating tours organised this weekend: the ice has become very unreliable. But winter isn't over yet: waiting for the next ice-age...

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