Friday, January 08, 2010

Time out for kayaking...

I did my best to fight back, but winter has won: I haven't been kayaking outdoors since the Biesbosch trip. Check this video: forget paddling on inland water ;-(

No paddling since 3 weeks and desperately looking for an alternative. Ice-skating is appealing, but snow hinders the formation of good ice. There is hardly any possibility to skate a safe tour on the lakes and canals around here. But this morning I finally skated with 2 friends on "natuurijs". Yesterday-evening we got "inside information" that the local IJsclub was preparing a skating-track on the Loosdrechtse Plassen. We started early and "illegaly" (before the track was opened) on a different side of the lake, first skated on unprepared ice and later in the morning we joined the tour of the IJsclub. We enjoyed 35 km skating in magnificent Dutch winter-landscape.

Note: ice skating outside the prepared tracks is always tricky and these days it's definite very risky: a layer of snow on the ice covers bad spots! For information on where to skate safe; check the dedicated Natuurijs-site of the KNSB.

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