Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Your personal Seakayak Calendar

Since early January the schedule of the 2010 NKB-seakayakactivities is online on the website of the NKB (click on discipline -> zeevaren -> activiteiten). Subscribers to the "Mededelingen van de NKB commissie zeekajakvaren" did already receive a paper copy of the program and (can) get a reminder by e-mail (the so called "BaZk") about two weeks for every single tour. Recently Ad added an extra service. He created a Google Calender-version of this years NKB-seakayak-program. This Google Calender opens numerous new possibilities: events are directly linked to detailed information, you can copy-paste the Calender in a website (like I've done here) and (when you create a Google-account) it really starts: you can integrate it in your own Calender, combine it with moon and tidal calenders, sunrise and sunset-times, the calenders of your local kayak-club or other providers of seakayak-trips, with your personal-, business- and/or family- calender and share it all with your friends (or with the world-wide-world?). I get a bit dizzy of all the possibilities Google offers - it's too much for me. Anyway, I admit that most Google Apps work quit intuitive. Ad explains on his weblog how to work with the Google NKB zeekajak vaarkalender (in Dutch).

Don't think "who's busy with a kayak calender when all waterways are covered with ice?" Obviously a lot of people are: within 3 weeks about 30 entrances only for the Vlieland-seakayakweek (which takes place in September!). You shouldn't wait to long if you want to be sure of participation. For the Anglesey-weeks, the Zeeland-course and the Weekend-clinics the rush is less, but also for these activities: I wouldn't wait too long with subscribing!

Disclaimer: the Google NKB zeekajak vaarkalender is in the experimental stage - "official" publication of NKB-activities is supplied by the known NKB-media (website, Kanosport, Mededelingen, BaZk, etc.). But knowing Ad: the Google Calender will be perfectly serviced and updated! Feedback on the calender is welcome!

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Ad Moerman said...

Ha Hans, Ziet er goed uit. Hoop dat ik je hooggespannen verwachtingen waar zal maken. En dat deze ical-agenda gaat leven in de zeekajakwereld. Wat is het leven mooi als het simpeler kan! Grt Ad