Sunday, March 07, 2010

"Saukalt": the Spring Cleaning event of the Salzwasser Union

SAU = the German seakayak association Salwasserunion.
Saukalt = popular German expression for "damn cold".

No sign of spring at this year's edition of the Spring Cleaning, the early season training of the Salzwasserunion. At the departure from the harbour of Harlesiel (for the crossing to the isle of Wangerooge) on Friday-afternoon, it started snowing. With a following wind (South force 5-6 Bft.) the crossing was good fun. Saturday was a sunny day, but cold with a strong breeze (now Northern) and temperatures below zero. Sunday the wind was gone, just a perfect winter day.

The central topic of the weekend was "the silent trip": strictly no word, no whistle form briefing till cool down. A fascinating experiment on different levels of communication (non verbal) and groups-dynamics (awareness of the individual members).

Thanks to Bernhard for the organisation of the Spring Cleaning and thanks to the Salzwasserunion for the invitation!

More pictures in the Picasawebalbum.

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