Thursday, March 18, 2010

3 men with a Greenland-style kayak...

The Greenland-style club and their hard chine kayaks from left to right: Rolf built and designed this glass-fibre Greenland-style kayak himself, Hakola built this skin-on-frame kayak for his son Andreas and Lars paddles a standard production Tahe Marine Greenland kayak.

I paddled the Valley Pintail kayak at the SAU-Spring-cleaning/training two weeks ago. Since the Valley Anas Acuta is broken, I paddle more often with the good old Pintail and I still find it a great kayak to paddle. But paddling next to Rolf, Hakola, Lars and Trenk (not in the picture, but paddling in an Anas Acuta...) in their beautiful Greenland-style kayaks, nostalgia gets me and I long for a hard-chine kayak again.
There is a new kayak waiting for me in Wormer...

3 fantastic kayaks with their proud owners: they're right!

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