Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Too busy...

So pressed for time lately that I don't come to post to this blog. This stupid 9 to 5 pressure even affects my backbone; pain the back! I should be paddling more (the best therapy..). And I should be going to bed earlier. So I leave it with a very short post this time.

Here is a picture of Nico participating on the Dutch Open Playboat Cup this weekend at Outdoorvalley in Bergschenhoek. Nico is a very enthusiast youthmember of kayakclub de Ronde Venen. Nico made it to the half-final round, surpassed his trainer Jorn! Big applause for Nico!

It was a fun happening at Outdoorvalley: the Playboat Cup was part of a big program of activities around the opening the new kayak shop and the kayak season. I met a lot of kayakfriends.


Wenley said...

Hello Hans,

I actually feel that paddling has helped me to lessen a slight lumbar disk pain. Probably by strengthening the abdominal muscles. The doctor doubts so.
Do you know of any basis on this?

Hans said...

Hi Wenley!
Join the club of the painful back!
I am no physician, but my experience is the same as yours: paddling helps (preventing and reparing)!
According to my physiotherapist movement is the best therapy and a nice forwards stroke really does help strengthening abdominal and back muscles. btw: rolling and bracing are not my favorites when I suffer lumbar pain...