Monday, May 29, 2006

Back home: the "Spiekeroog-pictures"

Yesterday Govert and I returned from the Spiekeroog course. It was a rather cold and stormy week, nevertheless we had great fun with the German and Dutch group. A report and more pictures will follow soon, but first I am busy drying and sorting my gear (while work and family life goes on...).
In particular for the course members: all my pictures (205 pics: good and bad, unsorted, uncensored and unprocessed) are uploaded to . You can download the photos by the button "opslaan" in the frame on the left side of the photos.


Wenley said...

You're back at last! I enjoyed the photos. Hans into Sexy Hexy... May I use one crediting the source?

Anonymous said...

hi hans,
to bad that i mised freya, thanks for so many nice photos and the "seakayaking in NL-tips".
a pleasure meeting you in spiekeroog,
ps: how is the drysuit?

Hans said...

Hi Wenley! Sexy Hexy rolls great. In 30 minutes Freya showed me the main streams in greenland rolling. After I was threatened to be tied up with the head on the front deck of Sexy Hexy, suddenly forward rolling worked out perfect...
You are welcome to use my pictures.

Hans said...

Hi Martin!
The pleasure was on my side! It's funny: you were the first of my virtual www-kayakcontacts becoming "real".
I am sure you will enjoy kayaking in Zeeland.
I am very confident with the Palm-drysuit. It worked out fine during the cold and windy week at Spiekeroog.

Anonymous said...

hi hans, as we had the pleasure to join your group for one evening lesson i can say that i like the idea of "international" courses. (big Y)
to see and here that there is a different perspective on seakayaking is refreshing. maybe some more...

the ambience with all this dutch people on the camping side had been very friendly.

ps: mine too, good stuff!