Monday, June 12, 2006

Circumnavigation Schiermonnikoog

Due to technical problems with (and being to busy to spent much time blogging lately...), publishing of some posts as well as reacting on comments is delayed. Sorry!

Bram van Ankeren and I organised a two days trip around Schiermonnikoog for the NKB this weekend. We intendend to do this in two stages, bivouacing on one of the sandbanks on the east side of Schiermonnikoog. Alas: since shortly the rumour goes bivouacing on this sand isn't tolerated anymore (more on this will follow soon!) so we had to change our plan. Checking out the time table and the stream atlas it occured that saturday was a perfect day to circumnavigate Schiermonnikoog in one day. This changed the character of the trip (early up, a long paddle, and a 20 minutes walk with fully loaden kayaks from the harbour to the camp-site!), so we informed the participants previously of the weekend about the changing plan. Luckily most liked it, some were even enthousiast about the change to do a long paddle. Finally we kayaked with a group of 10. And while the rest of Holland was suffering a hot day (29 degrees Celsius), we paddled some hours in the fog and were shivering during the break on the beach on the north side of Schiermonnikoog...

day 1: HW Delfzijl 12.06, HW Schier 10.26, LW 16.15, O/NO 3 later 4 Bft. 56 km.

day 2: HW Delfzijl 12.45, HW Lauwersoog 11.06, SO 3-4 Bft. 8,5 km.

Thanks to Paul Stoop for the tracklog (blue = day 1, red = day 2)!

Snapshots of the trip on (next time I clean the lens before taking photos...)


Anonymous said...

Hi Hans,

That´s the way it should be: making tours in another way then usually done.
I would have loved to participate in this alternative tour, but during the test with the Vestvika I injured my back in the surf and are forced to take rest for a while.

It is no good news that bivouacing on Simonszand will not be tolerated any longer! Hoping it will be a rumour indeed.

Hans Heupink said...

Hallo René,
Get well soon!
I am afraid the story about Simonszand is more than a rumour. That is bad and sad news.
Yet we are still investigating on it with the NKB cie zeekajakvaren.
To be continued...