Tuesday, June 27, 2006


In the post about the kayaktour in “de Venen” I used the word “swampbird”. I received some questions on this word. I am not a bird-specialist neither a great linguist. With the swampbird I meant a bird living in a swamp. In Dutch we distinguish the category of “moerasvogels” (moeras = swamp, vogel = bird). I am not sure if you can make the contraction of both words in English. I found some hits on Google but they were relatively rare. So I suppose in English there is an other word used for birds living in a swamp? And what about "meadowbirds"?

A nice reason to show pictures of my favourite swamp- and meadow birds in the Venen!
All the pictures are from the website of IVN Vechtplassen. If you are interested in Dutch birds it's sure worth a visit! IVN is a Dutch organisation for nature and environment education.




Zwarte Stern




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