Friday, August 04, 2006

Back home: Woerdense Singeldagen

picture KV Wyrda; by Paul Linckens
I just returned from a short break of two weeks in northern France. Without a kayak -alas- and no internet connection, but it gives enough inspiration for new blog posts. That will follow later.
First an announcement of the Woerdense Singeldagen: lots of activities on and around the water in the city of Woerden this weekend.
Kayak club Woerden (KV Wyrda) is also involved: they lend out canoes for free. Anyone who wants is invited to make a paddle tour around the Singel. And the big surprise, undoubtedly the absolute highlight of this weekend ;-) is a rolling demonstration of Hans (me!) on Sunday afternoon!
I am very honoured with the invitation, just getting a little a nervous about all the crowds gathering along the Singel next Sunday to look at my humble solo-presentation... Am I so special?


derrick said...

and afterward you'll have to sign paddles!!

Wenley said...

Glat to read you back, Hans. By the way, which is your favourite roll?

Hans said...

Hi Derrick!
... the public was so impressed, they forgot to aks. I suppose ;-)

Hi Wenley!
I have two favourites at the moment: (1) high speed handrolling and (2) the butterfly-roll in slowmotion.
The "sunday-afternoon-passing-on- public" however, was simply astonished by the fact that it is possible to get back up in the first place. I am affraid they did hardly notice the more stylish aspect of my performance... They will have thought: "why is this guy making it himself so difficult?"....