Monday, August 28, 2006

Zeekamp Vlieland - Last minute reservations!

This evening I phoned Jannie. Together with Sido, Jannie organizes the “NKB Zeekamp Vlieland" from 9 – 16 September. In English I suppose it would be called "the Vlieland Seakayak Symposium" - sounds good! Jannie spent a big part of last weekend arranging the final things that come with organising the Symposium. And that sure wasn’t the first weekend Jannie and Sido invested in it. It’s a lot of work organising a Symposium, we should be very grateful to Jannie and Sido!

Vlieland 2005

Meanwhile most participants have entered, the groups are arranged, the coaches divided. There are multiple groups of all levels, from beginner to 5 star (=ZVE). In some groups there still is room for some extra participants:
- Beginners-course: 2 places
- 5 star training-course (ZVE-opleidingsgroep): 3 places
- 5 star touring-group (ZVE-toergroep): 3 places
So when you want to join: pick up the phone and call Jannie or Sido! For more information and phone numbers: click here.

If kayaksymposiums could get star-awards in the Michelin-Guide, the Vlieland-kamp would be nominated for the first place with our chef de cuisine, star-cook Michel! Culinary highlights after paddling: life can’t be better!

Here and here some impressions of last years Zeekamp Vlieland.


Anonymous said...

I hope the thunderstorms and hard showers will have come to end once the Symposium starts; Life for the instuctors will be much easier than.
Wishing all of the participants a good time!

Anonymous said...

Well, I am looking forward to see you again in Vlieland. Last year I was in the Group with Hans, and we all had a good time.

As I understand my sister is also going. Is it correct she introduced "Paddle Slapping" in Spiekeroog to you.??? Maybe a new discipline to be introduced.

Well see you then,
Regards Jörgen