Saturday, August 12, 2006

Paddling Fun (NL: "Peddelpret")

You might not have noticed, but this week is the week of “Paddling Fun”. At least it should be according to this weeks advertisement campaign of C1000, a big Dutch chain of grocery stores. C 1000 surely planned this summer-season campaign unaware of the persisting low pressure area that dominates Dutch weather since more than a week with low temperatures, showers and thunderstorms….
I am not sure what attracted my attention most: the inferior quality of the plastic paddle she is holding, or the pretty smile of the lady on the cover. Fact is that I grasped a copy of this weeks C1000 receipt-booklet while I was shopping for dinner. I have never done so before. The marketing-people of C 1000 did a good job. I am now even writing about their campaign. Don’t know if it increases sales…
Btw: in the week of “Paddling Fun” you are supposed to eat artichokes with vinaigrette, crispy salads with strawberries and an Indian style stewing-meal with couscous.

Another thing you might not have noticed this week is that the 2006 Canoepolo World Championships are taking place in Amsterdam. It’s the fate of a sport not common known by the general public and without big commercial interests: hardly any attention on TV and in the newspapers, even in the Netherlands where it’s taking place and with the Dutch athletes performing well. You can mourn about it, and think it’s unfair. You better be happy that this sport isn’t yet perverted by commercial interests, and there is still place for a fair sporting competition and a lot of Paddling fun; even on the high level of the World Championships.
No comparison with the cycling-sport, my other passion next to kayaking. A lot of public attention for cyclingsport in the media, but though the performances of the international cycling-heroes are superhuman, sportsmanship is far to seek, and commercial interests leave little room for cycling fun in the big Championships lately…

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