Sunday, April 22, 2007

"Gruppenbild mit Dame" - Voordelta Reprise

Swier, Judith, Ruud, Jan, Hans S, Rein, Arie Wim, Harm, Gerrit, Chris- names are a test for me..

I like the Voordelta, and paddle often in this area - yet it didn't happen before I programmed exactly the same kayaktrip in two succeeding weekends: last week the "Aardappelenbult" was on the NKB-menu, this week on the TKBNs' - with the same coach - me...
Both weekends we had summer-like temperatures in the inland of the Netherlands (25 degrees Celsius in Woerden, 14 is normal for the time of the year). But in the Voordelta everything was different - never a dull moment!
- last week clouded with a refreshing NW-wind, this weekend blue sky, hot and only a little breeze from the SW;
- last week all yellow kayaks, this week mixed colours;
- last week 2 out of 10 participants were new for me, this week 8 out of 10;
- last week we started 2 hours for high tide, this week for low tide;
- last week no capsizes, this week one swimmer and a swift rescue action;
- last week all male participants, this week a lady in the group, thanks Judith!
A lot of little things made it a different experience. Again I enjoyed a nice day with an enthusiast group of kayakers. Thanks guys!

Big surprise was that, while we were unloading the kayaks from the cars, my friend Govert arrived. Govert is NKB-hoofdinstructeur and planned to paddle alone but when he met us, he joined the group. Just like me, Govert was slightly overdressed: Govert wanted to try out his new Kokatat expedition-drysuit in warm conditions, and I wanted to test my Palm Drysuit in combination with new underware: Icebreaker. But with the Palm I have another story - I am a bit pissed at the moment. I will write about it later, when the rage is over...

The making of - picture by Govert Plugge

This is (also) the sea... calm (with Gerrit).

A full report of last weeks Voordelta trip on - look at the Dia-show with in and out zooming pictures. Nice gadget!

Trip details:
Wind 2-3 Bft, High tide 6.15, starting at 10.45 arriving 16.00, distance 25 km, water temp. 10 degr. Celsius, air temp 21 degr. Celsius.

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Harm Lammers said...

Hoi Hans,

Het was een mooie tocht bij prachtig weer. Recreatief varen waarbij zelfs dat kleine golfje al genoeg was voor het "spannende" element.

Een volgende keer wil ik beslist meer golf zien. Voor nu een leuke ervaring rijker dat opvolging verdient.

Tot Vlieland of zoveel eerder.

Harm Lammers