Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The old forgotten K1 Racer

The Wyrda paddle season with the weekly club-paddle-evening started yesterday. A perfect motive to dust down the old K1 clubracer. It's an old inheritance of a former club-member. Over 15 years it lies in a dusty corner of the boathouse, and it has never been used really.

Yesterday evening I put on the Drysuit and went out for a paddle in the K1 escorted by Guus on a safe distance: I must admit it was a rather tipsy experience, but I managed to stay upright. And on the way back - in the dark - I could even begin to concentrate on my paddle technique, body rotation, pushing legs out...

This morning I cleaned the K1. I believe I am going to like it: isn't it a beauty - long and sleek? It's a old Gans Kajaks K1 Racer - type: Sprinter Olympus. Alas the seat is missing, must look for a replacement (the foam block I used yesterday is rather uncomfortable).

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