Sunday, April 15, 2007

Start of the season: NKB Voordelta trip

Ad and Hans cooling down after the first NKB saltwater-trip of the year. Picture - Eric Rumpff

This was a weird weekend. No complains, it was a great weekend. But 30 degrees Celsius in April? An absolute heat-record. Climate change? It's bizarre: sitting in a T-shirt in the garden at 10.00 pm with the bats flying around, chasing gnats. It's April, not supposed to be summer! Rotterdam Marathon was cancelled today (I am finishing this post at Sunday-evening) 3,5 hours after the start, because of the heat. Sad for Janine's training mates: they trained months for this marathon.

Yesterday I organised the first NKB-saltwater-trip of the season. It was also a premiere with Dick and Tom and their greenlandic qajaqs in the group. I am going to update this post later. Now let's just publish some photo's of a nice day paddling.

Rectification: Oeps, mistake, painful! Bram corrected me: the first NKB trip on salt water was the circumnavigation of Schouwen Duiveland - a week before at Easter. I should have known, organiser was Govert. Sorry guys!

Note the hybrid character of these traditional qajaqs: with sewn-in bulkheads, hatches and deck-lines adapted to modern seakayak-standards.

More pictures by Dick on Webshots
Dutch report on

Facts and figures:
Wind 3-4 Bft N-NW, High tide 12.35, water temp. 10 degr. Celsius, trip distance 30 km.

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