Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rolling with Dubside

Dubside DVD - for sale on www.dubside.net

Some days ago Axel passed by in Woerden to deliver the Greenland Rolling DVD of Dubside. It's very instructive. Causing some annoyance to my housemates, I like to watch the slow motion videos and analysis of Dubsides' rolls on TV over and over again - repeating the techniques sitting on the floor in the living room.
This evening was the weekly Wyrda-kayak-evening and I was highly motivated for an evening- rolling session. Alas: after a few weeks of extreme warm weather, the waterquality in the canals of Woerden is getting worse. The water is green and it stinks. I did my rolling session with the nose-clip on and mouth and eyes shut... Not the perfect conditions to relax and to concentrate on your techniques, but we haven't got it better here.

Woerden by the sea, it would be so nice. Perhaps with the global warming...

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