Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dutch skies over Vlieland

picture by Michael Knoester

Merel has created a webalbum for the pictures of the participants of the NKB Vlielandkamp. The first 8 photographers have uploaded over 500 pictures and still more to come....
I picked out some great skies that Michael (top 3 photo's) and Patrick (photo no. 4) captured: there is no light like the Waddensee light!

The Vlielandalbum is public. For the participants, to upload pictures contact Merel or me for the login codes.

pictures courtesy by Michael Knoester and Patrick Dousi


Anonymous said...

hoi Hans, don't make my name juicer dan it is. it is Dousi instead of Dousy

Hans said...

I am so sorry Patrick! Just corrected my mistake.