Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Seakayaking in Denmark

Phone-cam picture by Janine, Copenhagen - Wednesday-evening

Janine is in Copenhagen for a few days: she attends some kind of international orientated EU-conference on social issues, with lectures during day time and receptions, meetings and other official ceremonies in the royal palace and the town hall in the evening. Meanwhile life in Woerden goes on and the kids were looking out for a message from their mother. We were a bit surprised that the first picture Janine sent us, showed three seakayakers paddling in the harbour of Copenhagen, instead of the Little Mermaid or an other known touristic highlight of Denmark's Capital...

Kayaking seems to be pretty popular in Denmark - Janine reported that every time she left the hotel (situated on one of the Copenhagen's quays) a group of paddlers passed by.
That(sea)kayaking is hot in Denmark shouldn't be really new if you regularly check out Peter's Blog. Btw: Peter's kayaking club isn't located in Copenhagen but near Aarhus (for EU-insiders also a familiar name: the Aarhus-convention - concerning acces to information on environmental issues)


Peter Unold said...

Ah the famous Aarhus convention... Have to admit I never heard of it :)

I spend three days in Amsterdam last week and I'm not happy to report that I didn't spot a single kayak in the channels. Still it's a fabulous city.

Hans said...

Hi Peter!
Good to hear you like the Dutch capital!
Kayaking in Amsterdam's channels isn't as nice as it looks to be: the tourist canal boats (rondvaartboten) rule most channels in the inner ring of the city. But just outside of the inner city there are excellent spots to paddle. There are 3 or 4 active kayak-clubs in Amsterdam. It's a shame you didn't meet any paddlers!
greetings, Hans