Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Kaats' Blog - the "Zeeuwse Mutsen"- kayak-project?

Picture - Installation "Bewijs Stukken" - courtesy Kaat Hastings Sloggat

During the last weeks I got messages from several Dutch seakayakers who started blogging. Most of them write in Dutch, so I decided to add a dedicated list of Dutch links to this page. The first "new" blogging kayaker I like to introduce is Kaat. I met Kaat for the first time as she participated in my Zeevaardigheids-group at Vlieland 2005. For some reason Kaat missed the first two days of that course. She arrived one or two days later at Vlieland. The other participants were all male - after two days paddling together, a coherent group was formed and the men were curious about "that girl" that would join the group next day. To be fair: they were a bit worried: " Would she fit in our group ?" I can be very short about this: Kaat struck us all! And that's no wonder with Kaat's energy and striking personality. Since that week I have often had the pleasure of Kaat paddling in my groups. She was also present in 2006 at the Spiekeroog-course, where Theo also participated. Now Kaat and Theo are blogging together.

Kaat is not only an enthusiast paddler but also a creative artist. From home base Wageningen Kaat does all kind of cultural activities, ranging from performances, video's, musical to figurative art. The picture above this post comes from Kaat's Cultural Blog.
Today I discovered a cross-over between Kaat's cultural and kayaking projects. It's called the "Zeeuwse Mutsen"-project and comes with a blog and a website. I can't properly translate "Zeeuwse Mutsen", but I will try to explain. "Mutsen" is a plural for "cap", "Zeeuwse" means "from Zeeland" - a region part of the Netherlands. So "Zeeuwse mutsen" stands for the traditional headdress women of Zeeland used to wear. That's one part of the explanation. The other part is that "Muts" in Dutch is also a non-flattering description of a woman. Now to the essence of Kaat's project: that's bringing together a group of enthusiast female seakayakers and organizing an exclusive women-only kayak-weekend in Zeeland. This weekend the 2007 edition of the "Zeeuwse Mutsen" - project takes place. I am sure they will have a great weekend. The more women get enthusiast for seakayaking, the better.
For the paddle in the Voordelta I organize this weekend I have got 18 entries: 17 man, 1 woman... I wondered why, but now I know: competing with Kaat's "Zeeuwse Mutsen-weekend"... ;-)

Kaat at Vlieland 2005 - the guy in the red T-shirt is Jörgen.

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kaat said...

hans! Now I remember the reason I missed the first two days at sea camp in Vlieland! I was with three "Zeeuws meisjes" on our very first Mutsen weekend.