Friday, November 16, 2007

An invitation to New Zealand...

Today we got this e-mail from Stephen Law, with a very seductive invitation:

New Zealand Sea Kayakers Symposium - March 2008



My name is Stephen and I’m one of the six committee members planning and organizing the up and coming above mentioned event. Please visit to obtain a full insight into our organization and event.
Given the Dutch Canoe Federation has a large following and knowing how much many of your fellow country persons enjoy NZ or perhaps want an excuse to visit we would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your members.
Please communicate this event to your members as we would be delighted to have you guys along.
Please contact me via reply e-mail if you have any questions or require additional information.
Many thanks



...and I sure want an excuse to visit New Zealand! This is the second "excuse" in a week time. The first excuse to visit New Zealand is my dear friend AJ: last week I had the pleasure of inaugurating him as NKB Sea Kayak Instructor. As official member of the Dutch Seakayak Committee I am very happy with a new coach to organize kayak-activities, but this lucky guy is leaving the Netherlands next month to built up a new existence in NZ... Pity for our Dutch activities over here, but on the long term it might even be a better idea to have a outpost over there!

It's really getting busy with European paddlers in NZ:
Freya is down under right now;
Swedish Barbro Lindman is going in December;
and Justine and Barry are following in January.

Note: all are planning to circumnavigate the South Island, the Sea Kayakers Symposium of Coastbusters takes place on the North Island. This place looks very good too!

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