Thursday, November 22, 2007

Seakayaking magazines - a big boy with a little sister...

Amongst the daily post on the doormat were today two envelopes I have been waiting for in anticipation: the 5th issue of Ocean Paddler Magazine and this years second edition of the NKB Mededelingen Zeekajakvaren. Surely it's a bit arrogant to compare the black and white, A5, 16 pages counting edition of the NKB with the professional made full color art-work of Graham Beckram (Ocean paddler Issue 5 is a A4-glossy of 82 pages). But there is one big similarity: de Mededelingen Zeekajakvaren and Ocean Paddlers Magazine are both a product of enthusiast seakayakers that are passionately driven to publish articles that will inform, enthuse and excite today’s sea paddler.

For the content of Ocean Paddler nr 5 see the preview. In the Mededelingen you find the obligatory editorial by the President of the Dutch seakakayak Committee (I am sorry guys ;-), and a collection of awesome kayak related articles: some impressions from last summers' seakayak-meetings, a description of a map case**, a report of a kayak incident near Vlieland, a technical article about LAT, MSL and LLWS on Dutch nautical charts, the new rules in the Voordelta, a summery of next years NKB-seakayak activities and more. Editor Ad has done a great job, getting all this together in a 16 pages booklet!

**Reinout has written a do-it-yourself guide to make a personalized map case. This is a refinement of the description of a map case in Elko Knobbe's book "Kanovaren op ruim water". Reinouts' design competes with Axel Schoevers' map case for the title of "the best Map Case of the World". (Elko's book is the Dutch classic about seakayaking. The book is published about 20 years ago, and as far as I know still the only ever Dutch seakayak-handbook published in a serious number sold in bookshops and kayak stores ;-( ).

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COBBER said...

Hello Hans,

well believe it or not, but sinterklaas did deliver the same items in our Postbox.
The map from Reinout looks okey, and a few weeks ago I made one myself from the "Axel" model. I took it on his maiden trip around Friesland and it is waterproof.
A question: As you know the map from Zeeland is no longer available at the AA(ANWB) You can only buy it as a book. Will this happen to all the (inland) maps of Holland??
I prefer the big maps. It's easier to use.