Sunday, June 08, 2008

Back on the web!

Finally a long due update of the Kajakwoerden-blog. The month May was dramatically busy and disorderly. Deadlines at work, family-affairs, a bunch of NKB-business and the preparation of the Scotland-trip came all together. But even in these busy times there remained some moments for really good paddling. And the NKB-work also starts to come to fruition. So there was actually enough stuff to blog about, but I missed the rest and the drive to do so. Now I am back from two gorgeous weeks Scotland, I intend to pick blogging up and to report about the kayak-trip with my son Jelle some weeks ago, the kayak-activities around Woerden and (perhaps) to give my personal view on the progress that the NKB is booking in promoting seakayaking. The latter is a bit of a balancing act: I can't totally separate my personal view from my involvement in the NKB-organisation and this blog isn't meant to be a platform for NKB-messages... Ok, that's the heavy stuff, that's for later, now first the fresh impressions from Scotland!

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