Monday, June 30, 2008

Smokefree at last: eating out in Holland

Scottish cuisine may not be famous around the world (Haggis?) but the quality of local produce (seafood, game and meat) is outstanding. Govert and I really enjoyed some good meals in Scottish Bars and Restaurants. Since England and Scotland have a smoking ban in bars and restaurants I find eating out even more attractive. A fascinating side-effect of the smoking ban is an almost Mediterranean eating and street culture in Britain: many outside tables, terraces and a lively outdoor scene in the streets in the evening.

From the 1th. of July the smoking ban in Dutch bars and restaurants finally is in force. I really welcome it. It makes an end with bizarre situations like yesterday. We made a reservation for a table in the smoke free zone in the Mexican restaurant in Utrecht for the birthday party of Lieke. We had a good dinner with a group of kids, really enjoyable. But despite the smoke free zone (some tables in the middle of the restaurant): the smoke of the bar and smoking zone was evenly distributed in the whole restaurant by the ventilators on the ceiling.

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