Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Meanwhile in Woerden...

Black Tuiliq by Reed-Chillcheater, picture by Janine
With all the recent postings about Scotland, it looks like there is nothing going on with kayaking in Woerden in the mean time. That's the wrong impression: kayakclub KV Wyrda is bursting with activities lately. The new group of youngsters is steadily growing and has almost every weekend a training session or a daytrip under supervision of Rob and Rob. The new members of Wyrda (all women...) have had an introduction course by Jan and are now very regular participants of the club-paddle on Tuesday evening. Alex is teaching Open canoe-techniques on the club-evenings. And so on...
The weather is fine lately and the water is warm. Paddling on the calm waters around Woerden is very uncomplicated and so relaxed. Simply pick up your kayak and enjoy the water! I personally love to take the K1 racer for a speed paddle with the wing-blade, or to jump in the black Reed-tuiliq for a rolling session with my hand-carved greenland-paddle.

Btw: The tuiliq does also a good job as "little party dress". Woerdens' parties are rather innocent ;-)

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