Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Espresso for ocean paddlers

I am not a coffee drinker. But with this new gadget I would almost turn into one. On the Oban campsite Gerard demonstrated us his latest toy: the Handpresso coffee maker.
Gerard intended to surprise his fellow paddlers Nout and Patrick with a quality coffee break half way on the trip to St.Kilda. Enjoying a fresh cup of espresso with a delicious aroma and a perfect crema - in the cockpit a seakayak, in the middle of the ocean: awesome!
This week the 3 St. Kilda paddlers come back - I am looking forward to their stories!

Update 25 th. June: Patrick, Gerard and Nout are back home. Patrick told me they didn't make it to St-Kilda due to the unstable and windy weather. The forecasts and the actual weather-situation were to uncertain to risk the long crossing to St-Kilda. Instead they had a good time paddling around in the Outer Herbrides and near Skye. Alas: For Gerard the last week was not that pleasant - he broke a bone in his foot (while carrying the kayaks on a pebble beach) and ended up in hospital and got his leg plastered...


eurion said...

Shame about Gerard's accident. At least he would have been able to make some good coffee while waiting at the hospital:)
Handpresso- what a great invention (if you like coffee).

Hans Heupink said...

Hi Eurion!

Yes it was "poor Gerard". I do believe he is over it now - he told me he is joining the NKB-Vlieland-seakayakweek in september - happy to see Gerard paddling again.

And I still don't drink coffee, but for one exception: Irish Coffee!