Saturday, November 15, 2008

Black beauty - Tahe Marine Greenland kayak

Update 12/01/2009: Mats from Tahemarine-sweden commented that the Tahé Greenland now also is available in a LC (Large Cockpit)-version. The large cockpit measures 57x40 cm - 7 centimetres longer than the standard cockpit size. This is still far from a large keyhole cockpit, and you still won't be able to get your legs out first - but it sure makes the Greenland accessible for a wider range of (larger) kayakers. Click here or have a look at the Tahemarine-Sweden website for more high-res pictures of the cockpit design.

This morning I went to Wormer to pick up a kayak at René's place. I can't pass by Wormer without at least a quick visit at the Kajakcentrum - the largest kayak retailer in the Netherlands (and probably one of the biggest of Western-Europe). The 2009 collections are arriving in the shop - amongst the new kayaks are some interesting new (for the Dutch market) brands like TideRace, Tahe Marine and (coming soon) Think surf skis.

There was one special kayak that struck my eye: the Tahe Marine Greenland. A hard chined greenland-style kayak. A sharp V-bottom, low volume, small ocean cockpit, very sleek long lines: fantastic, such a beauty!
Readers of this weblog must have noticed that I love my white Anas Acuta - also a kayak inspired by - and a close descendant of - the traditional inuit qayaqs of West Greenland. The Anas Acuta is compared to most modern seakayaks a quit low volume kayak, and the design of the Tahe Marine Greenland is even more sleeker. It must be a dream to roll. With more length on the waterline than the AA it will probably a bit faster. And it's also available in a white gelcoat colour... (alas: I can't get home with more than one new kayak a day ;-).

About the origins of the Anas Acuta: René's blog.


Michael said...

OMG.... I want/need one of these right now! LOL

Anonymous said...

I hope you get a chance to paddle the Tahe. I love the Anas Acuta, and I am curious to know how they compare to each other.

Hans Heupink said...

Hi Jeff (and Sean?)!
I am eager to paddle and roll the Tahe Greenland, but I am afraid I must be patient. The Kajakcentrum in Wormer has a quit limiting policy on test- and demo-kayaks, alas. I'll see that I meet the owner of the shop next time though - and sure I give it a try!

Anonymous said...

hi i paddle the greenland !!
it's very fast and easy to roll !
i m neebie in rolling but i succed a hands roll with it !
i and a friend (in the kayak )did a movie on youtube ...



Hans Heupink said...

Hello Brotz44!
Your friend is definitely no "neebie"in rolling! Looks good, nice video you made - do you mind if I post a link to your video in this weblog? The Tahe Greenland is a very appealing kayak!

pierre-yves said...

hi hans Heupink !
thanks for your interest in our video!
yes my friend rolls are not so bad ;)
of course you can post a link of this video !tahé marine wasn't so polite ,they put the link on their website without asking :(
we compare ansacuta and greenland look similar but greenland is much much faster and easy to roll
some pics here


Anonymous said...

Hey Pierre,

Sorry for borrowing your film without asking. I tried to contact you via Youtube but failed to get the message sent. It was such a nice film I couldn't help myself and with the embedding function available I figured it would be alright.

Great film and let us hope for a great future for this new beauty. I have now got a sample at home withthe new large cockpit.

Mats - Agent for Tahe Marine in Sweden

pyve said...

hi mats !
no soucy ;)!
it' a well born kayak !
maybe you could post a link to see the new large cokpit.
pyve as brotz44

Hans Heupink said...

Hello Mats, Hello Pierre-Yves!

Funny: this French-Swedish contact via a Dutch kayak-weblog ;-) Good you've made contact.
Pierre-Yves: thanks for the pictures and allowing to post it on this weblog.

and Mats: I am also curious about the Tahé with a large keyhole (?) cockpit!


Anonymous said...

Hi guys!

I have now placed a picture of the LC cockpit on the page of Greenland on the Swedish site I will add links to download hi res photos. Not so sexy photos, but still something to enjoy!


Mats/Tahe Marine Sweden