Sunday, November 16, 2008

NKB - Workshop Instructievaardigheden

There is a NKB meeting or education-activity on every weekend in October and November. Today I paid a short visit to the workshop on "teaching-skills" in Bergschenhoek. The workshop is part of a 3-day-course. I do welcome this initiative of Arie Kreuk - slowly the NKB is developing a programme of clinics, workshops and expert-meetings for kayak-coaches/trainers and for people who want to become a coach. It's an essential part of the new competence-driven system of developing new coaches.
Impossible to take part in every NKB activity ;-), yet I did want to get a personal impression and to feel the atmosphere - so I agreed with Arie to have a look and to chat a bit with coaches and participants. I dropped in at an unique happening: 30 paddlers were working on the water in 4 or 5 groups, the atmosphere was fantastic, full of energy, people were highly enthusiast - it was contagious, and very promising for the future!
The workshops take place at the location of Outdoor-Valley in Bergschenhoek, kindly supported by the
Visiting the Clinic was "no paddling for me" but a welcome excuse for a Sunday-afternoon tour on the racebike: 80 km from Woerden to Bergschenhoek, biking 6 meters below sea-level in the Zuidplaspolder.

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