Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pool-weekend: Tallip paarlatsillugit paateqarliuni massikut

Tallip paarlatsillugit paateqarliuni massikut - Greenland style, forward ending kayak-roll with the arms crossed on the paddle - 5 points/side in the Greenland rolling championships.

Kayaking as an outdoor sports-activity - not this weekend! I spent my time with kayaks in swimming pools: Saturday-evening with Jelle and Angela in Alphen with the Kayakclub de Kromme Aar, today I did two classes for Kayakclub Woerden - resp. adults and kids. The outdoors weren't very inviting with stormy winter weather.

While Jelle and Angela were fooling around with the underwater-camera, I had a good moment to work on the greenland-style rolls. Finally I got the clue of the crossed-arm-roll - the last forward finishing roll on the wish list ;-). Once you get the set up right, this roll isn't as complicated as the name (and the ratings) suggests. So now the next step are the forward finishing hand-rolls, the Norsaq rolls and fancy rolls like handrolling while holding a brick and other heavy stuff. Still a lot to learn this winter!


Marc Martin said...

Hi Hans!!!

You have to explain me the set up for crossed-arm-roll :-p.

Congratulations for finishing your wish list!!

How many points would yo do in the championship of Greenland?

Do you practice this rolls with your anas kuta?

best regards from Catalonia Marc.

Hans Heupink said...

Hello Marc!

Thanks for the congratulations!
Just be a little patient -plenty of time to prepare and to do more exercises- I come to the LLanca-symposium in April 2009 and explain you the set-up for the crossed-arm-roll. Though I am sure there will be experts at the symposium who can do it far better than me - and from who we both can learn a lot! I am looking forward to it!

I am far away from a serious competitor for the Greenland Championships. According to the competition-list on I would perhaps make it to about 100 points (think so, most rolls L&R - no idea how critical the judges are on perfection), perhaps a bit more (on a good day ;-)...
I practice most rolling in the Anas Acuta. Sometimes I take my ww-kayak - hand rolling is easier in the ww-kayak.

Greetings and kind regards for our Catalonian friends!