Sunday, March 15, 2009

Black Pearl

Ren'e and I had a great day with Stef and Monique, admiring, paddling and rolling Moniques' wonderful Black Pearl kayak (in white). Even the slender Anas Acuta looks voluminous, side to side to this gracious Black Pearl!


Anonymous said...

Great kayaks, I plan to make one of those boats next autumn. Chesapeake Light Craft plans to offer the Anas Acuta kit this year. Are you thinking of adding a Black Pearl to your collection?

---Jeffrey Fabiszewski

Anonymous said...

Great to see this BP in hands of pro's!

Hans Heupink said...

Hi Jeffrey!
I am just dreaming of it. Time is an issue. Meanwhile I am still paddling my Anas Acuta with pleasure!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

I wonder if someone is selling a black pearl kayak?