Sunday, March 08, 2009

In the Dutch Mountains (1) - NKBV Bergsportdag

I was born in the valley of bricks
where the river runs high above the rooftops
I was waiting for the cars coming home late at night
from the Dutch mountains

Lyrics "In the Dutch Mountains" - the Nits, 1987

Jelle and I visited the regional "Bergsportdag" of the NKBV at the indoor climbing hall Rock Steady in Bussum. It's amazing that climbing is a bigger sport than kayaking in our little country that lacks mountains...
And in the continuing story of "You're getting older daddy" - a weird sensation, remarkable moment: now that Jelle's (14 year old) feet fit my old climbing shoes, he immediately out-climbs his father...

Update March, 14th. - tomorrow - Sunday, March, 15th. - the NKBV Bergsportdag 2009 is in Nieuwegein - the Bergsportdag is the biggest mountainering show, meeting etc. in the Netherlands - free entrance..

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