Sunday, March 29, 2009

NKB cold water training

6 People took the challenge to participate in the NKB Cold water training in the cold water (7 degrees Celsius) of the Voordelta today. It was good fun to train this group: in the beginning some of a hesitated a bit about all the wet-exercises I suggested, but soon everyone participated in full surrender. Some participants couldn't get enough...
Wind was blowing first 4 Bft. , later 3-4 Bft NW. Because of the wind earlier this week, surf was good. Wet exercises alternated with playing in the waves (zoekplaatje).
Just a minor point. The weather was almost too good: the bivouac was very relaxed... We made bivouac on the beach, because the sands we intended to visit were occupied by resting seals.

More pictures: click here.

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