Friday, March 27, 2009

Fascination Greenland-style kayak

Piere Yves alerted me to this new Greenland-style rolling video of Piere Dominique with the Tahe Greenland kayak. I love this video!

It's a amazing to notice the (world-wide) enthusiast response on this Tahe kayak design. When I saw this kayak for the first time, last year in the showroom of the biggest Dutch Kayak-shop, the owner of the shop told me he didn't expect much of this kayak. In his opinion it was a kayak only suited for a very small limited specialist-community, not represented in the Netherlands. But also in the Netherlands there turned out to be serious interest in this traditional hard-chined Greenland style kayak.

Within just a few months, dozens of (rolling) video's with the Tahe Greenland appeared on Youtube. Nice Dutch ones also (tip on this video: turn the music of - sorry Peter ;-). The Tahe Greenland Kayak is closely related to the Black Pearl design of Björn Thomasson. Big difference is that the Black Pearl is a hand crafted tailor made design and the Tahe is a standard "one size fits most" design. Nothing will beat the feeling of a self made kayak custom designed, built to fit yourself!
This video clip of the Black Pearl shows it is not only suited for rolling tricks.

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