Monday, January 08, 2007

I love my Pintail!

Before I post more on cycling than on kayaking at this blog, it’s getting time for a seakayak item again. Guus took the picture of me loading the Pintail in Norddeich (at the start of the Wintertour with Bernhard some weeks ago). A bit of flexibility and a lack of claustrophobia are welcome with a classic ocean-cockpit.
The ocean-cockpit may not be that practical, but it looks so great. Isn’t this kayak a beauty with the long deck and the sleek lines?


Michael said...

The picture of the kayak lying ready to launch on the beach is awesome! Why am I sitting here typing! LOL

Happy New Year!

Hans said...

Hi Michael!

Happy new year in return! Wish you a lot of good paddling!

At this very moment, my frustration is also: to much typing, to little kayaking. It's even more frustrating because the conditions are exceptionally good for kayaking: no ice, 15 degrees celsius instead. That's no winter! But duty calls :-(

At least Kayak-blogging offers some kind of virtual substitute.... Life is hard for an addict.