Monday, January 15, 2007

Surfboat Rowing

"Surfboat". A boat intended for use in heavy surf. It is built with a pronounced sheer, and with a view to resist the shock of waves and of contact with the beach. A vessel that carries the 5 intrepid adventurers' from the shoreline to the surf and back.

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I used to believe having fun in a small in a human powered vessel was a privilege for kayakers and surferboarders, but I was wrong. Some days ago I was really flabbergasted by this rowing Video on Youtube. I posted a link to this video in a earlier blog-item. Arnold wrote a comment and pointed out that Surfboat rowing is also done in the Netherlands.

A group of rowers from the INHOLLAND University Rowing team founded Surfboat Holland in the summer of 2003. A man’s and a woman’s team are enthusiastically training and competing in International Surfboat Rowing Competitions since. You can read more about the sport in general and the scene in the Netherlands at It looks like fun to me!

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