Monday, January 15, 2007

NKB Zeevaren Calender 2007 Online

January is, for most of us, the month to apply for leave at work. Just in time the complete program of NKB Zeevaren is online. Sido already updated in December the overall-calendar and now also the description of the courses and symposia is updated. Thanks to all the NKB-coaches for delivering the information. 2007 offers a very attractive program for seakayakers of all levels of skill. Again there will also be some activities abroad: Axel organizes the trip to Anglesey, Govert and I organize the course at Spiekeroog in cooperation with the Salwasserunion. This year new is the intention to offer a training at 5 Star level (ZVE) at Spiekeroog. New, especially for the German-seakayakers and in cooperation with the Salzwasserunion, there will be a combined Dutch-German Zeevaardigheid/Seebefähigung-course at Vlieland in September.

With all my paddling activities I had to apply for two weeks extra leave from work this year… And now these weeks are granted I have even time for a private seakayakweek in June. I really enjoy coaching and leading the trips and courses, but once in a while I like to paddle simply “for myself” with some good friends. Glad to be able to make a week time for this with a good friend (and paddler) in Anglesey. It will be my second visit to Wales. I am looking forward to that!
Other plans like Sweden and paddling down the Rhine will have to wait one more year… Keep on dreaming…


Anonymous said...

Hello Hans! Those courses do look interesting.
The Spanish Symposium has released the names of the other two Salzwasser instructors: Urs Peter Steiner and Detlev Kalter.
Both seem extraordinarily seasoned.

Hans Heupink said...

Hi Wenley!
Urs is extraordinarily indeed: also the instigator for the Dutch-German courses. I am working together with Urs at Vlieland and Spiekeroog. It's a small world...

Btw - Llanca is very tempting, time is limited, alas... Greetings to all my German friends over there!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hans,

I have some questions regarding the 40km paddle of the Kurs. Could I have your e mail address?
Mine is