Sunday, January 14, 2007


During the last weeks my paddling was limited to some short paddles with the Wyrda-club-members in the evening in the dark. I felt an urgent need for a longer a paddle, so I made an appointment with Guus for an early sundaymorning-paddle. We started this morning at 7.30 am in the dark and when then sun came up -> we were so lucky, for the first time since ages: bright sun and a blue sky!!! With the moderate temperatures of this winter it was a more like spring. Nature is totally disordered: in one of the canals a Great Crested Grebe (Fuut) with 3 cute striped youngs was swimming and diving along: in January! It was a nice paddle, 33km on placid water with two portages in 5 hours. Route: from Woerden along the Oude Rijn, Dubbele Wiericke, Hollandse IJssel, Oudewater, Lange Linschoten back to Woerden.

Besides this outdoor paddle trip, I had this weekend pool sessions: Saturday-evening with the kayakclub the Kromme Aar, Sunday-afternoon with kayakclub Wyrda. Janine was busy, so I Lieke and Jelle joined me both times. So besides rolling, rolling, rolling we were sinking boats, playing kayakturtle and had a lot of fun.

Kayakturtle by Jelle and Lieke

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