Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Rolling classes, pictures uploaded

Gerard at the Workshop for the Seakayak-coaches

Gerard, Sien and Govert did a great job at the rolling-clinics this weekend. The basic ingredients for success are: capable coaches and good gear. We had both. Freya coached the teachers and had taken along 3 rolling kayaks. The Japanese Qaanaaq SS proved to be the most versatile, also most bigger guys fit in it. Don't underestimate the importance of a easy rolling kayak, it's the key to success in teaching (and learning) rolling! The skin-on-frame qajaqs also did a perfect job, but for intensive use with different persons a fibreglass kayak is more practical. Every kayak-club should have a Greenland-rolling qajaq! Within shortly a affordable one will be available in Europe: contact Freya and order a Rockpool Underground, right now ;-)

For the attendants: I uploaded a selection of pictures taken by Axel, Govert and myself on:

A selection of the pictures for the press, taken by Bart Eefting:

Sien at the clinic on Sunday
Govert showing the move? Sunday
Freya starting a demo
The Inuit man
Self exposure? One of the rare pictures of the author of this blog.


Anonymous said...

The most practical material for a pool rolling boat must surely be polythene? (Except that we'd need a production run of 5000 to get the price down where it belongs.)

Hans Heupink said...

I agree: PE is best in a pool. I am a bit afraid though, we are the only two persons looking for that PE-greenland-rolling kayak ;-( So we will end up with a compromise: being very careful with a pricy laminated Rockpool Undergroeund, or totally different, but also a great kayak to learn and teach basic rolling: a PE-Canoe Polo Boat. There are some cheap Italian PE-Polo boats on the market, they work out well. Just spinning around...

derrick said...

nice picture too. :)