Sunday, March 11, 2007

River paddling: high water on the IJssel

The Rhine is getting more and more a rain-river. It rained a lot in the river basin of the Rhine lately, so the water level is pretty high. At some places along the IJssel quays flooded last week and ferries were taken out of service. It's great to paddle on a wide river and a strong current, so I immediately changed my plans when Joris phoned with the spontaneous idea of a Sunday-paddle on the IJssel. We parked a car at start and one at the end and paddled downstream from Dieren to Deventer (33 km's). I have forgotten the GPS, but according to the km-signs along the riverbank average speed was above 12 km/h. A great sunny day: spring is in the air!

Joris was paddling his new Point 65 XP-kayak: a long, sleek and fast Swedish design. Joris is a powerful and fast paddler anyhow. A fast boat helps, but it still is the paddler that makes the speed, not the kayak! I enjoyed this paddling trip with Joris today!

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