Sunday, March 18, 2007

TITS3 - premiére in the Netherlands

picture by Patrick Dousi

It's said before: in the Netherlands everything happens 50 years later than in the rest of the world. But we are catching up at high speed. Yesterday-evening we had the Dutch premiere of This is the Sea 3. That's only 4 days later than the world premiere and launch party at Canoecopia in the States!
Thanks to Axel and Nico for organising this nice event in the swimming pool of Zaltbommel. In the afternoon everybody got the chance to try out the complete collection of NDK-kayaks, in the evening the DVD was shown on big screen. I enjoyed the day together with a big group of Dutch seakayakers that came from all edges of the country to watch Christine Curgenven's DVD: a must have!

In the pool I coached different kayakers with rolling exercises. And tried out the NDK boats myself. The picture above is me handrolling the NDK Explorer (taken by Patrick Dousi). The Romany's and Explorers are surprisingly suited to do all kinds of tricks. The key-hole cockpit offers an instant fit to almost anyone... Great!

1. Another report on Axel's blog
2. For the photographer: Happy Saint Patrick's Day! (Thanks Bonnie!)

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