Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sony fixed it! Missing the nuts and bolts and...

Sometimes I feel a bit lost in this digital era. Deep in my heart I am a man of nuts and bolts and screws. I manage with electromechanical systems, have a bit of affinity with the world of electronics, but digital techniques are far beyond my understanding. OK, as a user I should be able to handle it. It works, mostly. But it doesn’t feel good. I want to understand the stuff I am working with. I want to be able to fix it myself. It feels bad to be surrendered to Bill Gates and co. But there is no choice. The digital guys are intruding every niche of my life.

This lost and helpless feeling came up once again as the screen of my favourite Sony DSC U-60 underwater camera suddenly turned black some weeks ago. I whined for the good old days I could repair my cameras with a screw-driver (I got quit some practice to this, due to the inferior built quality of the East-German Praktica’s in the late 70's). But then I found out Sony issued an advisory notice about a problem with the CCDs used in its digital cameras. I contacted Sony Netherlands and sent in the camera. Within two weeks Sony returned the repaired camera, free of charges. Service was perfect, thanks Sony!
Besides: the problem with the CCD had less to do with failure of digital techniques, but was more of the mechanical kind: a bonding wire used to joint a CCD chip and a lead frame failed.

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