Sunday, March 18, 2007

This is the sea 3

Yesterday at the premiere in Zaltbommel Axel and Nico offered a first impression of This the sea 3 (TITS 3). I watched the full two hours(!)of the DVD this morning. Now I am even more impressed. The DVD offers a fascinating mixture of travel reports and a series of interviews with special personalities of the seakayak-world, often in a great scenery with impressive wildlife. And Dutch seakayakers are well represented by Axel. After watching this DVD you just want to go out with your kayak. I can't wait to paddle myself in the tidal races of Anglesey in June. But this afternoon it's swimming pool-time again: indoor excercises with Kayakclub Wyrda. Let's try rolling like Freya and Cheri!

The trailer of TITS 3 in this post is some kind of premiere on its own. The first moving pictures in my blog! It took a long time, but finally I figured out how to add a video. It's surprisingly simple with You Tube. Next step -when I learn how to upload videos to You Tube- are my own videos. The world must be waiting for rolling videos from Woerden ;-)

Of course all credits of the trailer are for Justine Curgenven. You can order a copy of TITS 3 directly from Justine over her website, Justine delivers worldwide and fast. For Dutch enthusiasts: Axel and Nico sold out all the Dutch copies at the premiere yesterday, but Axel is on his way to Wales. Axel returns at the end of next week with a new supply of TITS 3 DVDs. Contact Axel or Nico for orders.

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Michael said...

Welcome to video blogging Hans! I'm looking forward to seeing your part of the paddling world on YouTube someday soon!