Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pool weekend

Pictures of the pool session with KV Wyrda in Woerden by Paul Linckens

Saturday I had a pool session with the kayak club in Alphen aan den Rijn (KV de Kromme Aar), Sunday in Woerden with KV Wyrda. Rob dK and Rob K of Wyrda are putting effort and enthousiasm in starting up activities for young paddlers.

Wyrda cooperates for part of the youth-activities with kayak club de Goudse Peddel. Today the kids-group of Gouda was invited to join the Wyrda-pool session. 15 kayaking kids in a swimming pool guarantee a lively event.

With the excellent help of Stein and Daan it was good fun to coach this group!

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pinkandgeek said...

no PFD's on the kids? I know its a pool and all, but I think its important for them to get comfortable in one at an early age.

Hans Heupink said...

Hi Seth!
Thanks for your comment. "You hit the nail on his head" (= Dutch expression meaning "you exactly describe what it is about"): It's no excuse that it was in the relatively safe environment of a pool - it's a missed opportunity to get the kids used to wearing PFD's. A learning point for the next kids pool session of KV Wyrda!

PS: I am curious if Jelle's handroll is also successful when he wears a PFD ;-)