Monday, January 19, 2009

Tegeltjeswijsheden - European elections

As a non-native writer I find figurative language difficult to translate. It's dangerous, expressions can have a totally different meaning in other cultures.

"Tegeltjeswijsheden" are Dutch aphorisms - which are often presented written on small Delftware tables. "Wie de wind zaait..." means "The person who plants the wind...". The second part of this aphorism is: "...zal storm oogsten". Which means literally "...will harvest a storm". As this is a quote from the Bible (Hosea 8:7), I suppose this is a safe one and the meaning in English will be comparable with that in Dutch.
Groen Links adapted the "Wie de wind zaait... quote" for the European elections-campaign. The message is: it's time for a change in European (and in Dutch) energy policy.

Time for a change? America is making the change tomorrow. The inauguration is covered all over the world. Just imagine similar emotions about European elections...

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