Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sailing on ice...

This morning in Nieuwkoop: ice skating and ice sailing. Some beautiful crafted DN - ice yachts were on the Noorderplas (DN: Designed in 1936 in a competition run by the Detroit News paper). With a good southerly wind (3-4 Bft.) they reached spectacular speed.

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Tony said...

Hans, that's something I've always wanted to do. We usually get a lot of snow on the lakes so that ice sailing is not possible very often. Its hardly worth the cost of the sailer if I can't use frequently.

You're having an old fashioned winter in Nederland!

Tony :-)

Hans Heupink said...

Hi Tony!

It's all over now: it's raining today, a total meltdown in one day ;-(

Ice sailing in the Netherlands is seldom possible. Last Saturday were the first NK (National Championships) in the Netherlands since 12 years. There is only a small number of active Dutch competition ice-sailers. Every winter they are travelling thousands of miles through Europe for a few races: mostly in Scandinavia, Russia and eastern Europe.

Ice sailing is said to be highly addictive (and also very dangerous...). I just enjoyed watching.

These winter days were fantastic - downside: it will take some time before the ice is gone and I can paddle and roll again in the Woerdense Singel!


karel said...

Bedankt voor de ijsfoto's mooi om te zien .Het is een tijd geleden dat ik echt ijs gezien hebt